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Virtualization Essentials

Virtualization Essentials eLearning Course (+ Optional Exam)

Certificate:  Virtualization Essentials Course ID:  VCC9061
Duration:  10 hours Language:  English
Delivery:  Self-paced eLearning  
Credits:  12 PDUs  


The Virtualization Essentials eLearning Course is a 10 hour, interactive, online learning experience. The ITpreneurs course provides a balanced curriculum and addresses the business and technical perspectives of virtualization and will explain how to adopt, operate, and govern the cloud. The course enables the participants to successfully complete the associated Virtualization Essentials exam.

Online Scenario-driven Course Approach

Scenario-driven learning has always been one of the key success factors of ITpreneurs’ courses because it puts participants in the right mindset to apply the principles in a realistic setting. The role-play activities included in this course present a real-word connect using situations that can occur in the day-to-day life of participants. In addition, interactivity such as brainstormsquizzes, and discussions add to the interactive nature of this course.



IT specialists


IT technical services specialists (IT, security, infrastructure, services, systems test, etc.)


IT architects


Business process owners






Risk management employees

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:


Understand the technical capabilities and operating model for virtual infrastructures.


Comprehend how business benefits can be described and measured.


Understand the implications on direct costs and cost allocation


Explain relevant barriers to adoption and success with virtualization and mitigation strategies.


Comprehend the technical approaches, components, capabilities, and techniques of virtualization technologies.


Explain typical steps that lead to the successful adoption of virtualization technologies.


Understand the impact and changes of virtualization on IT Service Management.


Identify the issues associated with integrating virtualization into an organization’s existing compliance risk and regulatory framework.

Participation Support Requirements


Computer (Pentium IV, Internet Explorer 5.x, cookies enabled, Macromedia Flash Player 6.0, speakers or a headset, and 1,024X768 pixel resolution)


Broadband Internet connection



None, except that participants have some IT experience.

Course Student Material


Online, self-paced instructional material available for 90 days.


Get Ready For Cloud Computing book available as reference material


Virtualization-Ready Professional

About the Examination


The course includes an Exam Preparation module, preparing participants to complete the Virtualization Foundation exam on the second day of the course.


The exam is in closed-book format, with 40 multiple-choice questions. The passing score is 65% (26 out of 40 questions) and the exam lasts for 60 minutes.




1. Course Introduction

Course Overview

2. Introduction of Virtualization

Context, Definitions, and Landscape

3. Business Perspective

Business Value, Inhibitors, and Challenges

4. The Virtual Data Center: Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization, Elements, Platforms, and Features

5. The Virtual Data Center: Storage Networks, and Applications

Storage, Networking, Automation, Tools, and Implications

6. Workplace Virtualization Technologies

Workplace, Challenges, and Solutions

7. Adopting Virtualization

Roadmaps, Service Introduction, and Migration Techniques

8. Operating Virtualization

Service Management: Applied to Virtualization

9. Governing Virtualization

Risk Management, Financial Management, and Sharing Policy

10. Exam Preparation

40 Sample Questions


To Order and Start the Course:


Why pay more?  Get the same ITpreneurs industry leading online Virtualization Essentials certification course content for less with Optimal Connections!


To purchase the course and start training, please select the Add to Cart button below. You will pay with either your Paypal Account or a Credit Card, via PayPal Merchant Services.


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After you purchase the course you will receive a course Login ID and Password via email, along with supporting collateral, and be taken to the ITpreneurs Online Campus to start right away. You may start your course immediately, and you have up to 90 days to complete it - at your own pace (most other vendors only offer 30-60 days!).


If you have any questions please contact our Support Team by sending us an email at service@optimalconnections.com.  

Virtualization Essentials Course
Product Code: VCC9061
$279.00 USD, excl tax

Virtualization Essentials Exam (Optional)
Product Code: VCC9062
$185.00 USD, excl tax



Note:  The “Virtualization-Ready Professional” is a Trade-mark of ITPreneurs

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