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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Online Training and Certification

Cloud computing is an emerging technology through which an increasing number of IT services are delivered over the Internet. From personal messages and pictures on Gmail or Facebook, to more professional offerings from Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Online Services, cloud computing makes it possible to run a successful business without having dedicated hardware, software, and services.

To a large extent, cloud computing is enabled by virtualization - which allows for example, the decoupling of server hardware from applications and operating system storage.  Cloud computing and virtualization make it possible to buy and sell IT resources such as CPU time, storage, and network bandwidth, as on-demand and/or metered resources, similar to how public utilities are used. The result is that organizations can reduce costs and be more flexible, mobile and scalable while improving their quality of service.

Optimal Connections, LLC, and the IT Learning Connection, is able to bring you a selection of industry leading cloud and virtualization training courses through our partnership with ITpreneurs, a leading IT Training content provider.  Optimal Connections is also fully committed to Cloud Computing, and is a Training Partner Member in the Cloud Credential Council (CCC).

Vendor Neutral Cloud Training and Certification

Several online Cloud Computing and Virtualization training courses are available for IT professionals who want to better understand virtualization and cloud computing concepts.  Our Cloud Computing and Virtualization training courses are delivered via our online learning center, supported by two certification exams.  The courses prepare a professional to leverage the new possibilities provided by virtualization and cloud computing.

What makes our course unique?  Unlike many hardware / software vendors, we offer vendor-neutral training for the core concepts behind virtualization and cloud computing.  In addition, after successful completion of the optional certification exam, participants will be certified as a Virtualization-Ready Professional™ or a Cloud-Ready Professional™.  These distinctive credentials provide the IT professional with…


Valuable technical knowledge and skills that can be applied in the workplace


Insight into virtualization and cloud computing best-practices


A means to differentiate themselves from others within their organization, or in the marketplace

Benefits of Adopting Virtualization and Cloud Computing Online Training


Prepare your IT staff for tomorrow’s computing and user environment


Adopt virtualization and cloud computing – fast


Gain competencies for your staff that are ranked as the top IT skills in demand for 2010


Benefit from internationally certified vendor-neutral material


Minimize training costs through a virtual online eLearning environment


Empower your staff to learn flexibly, on-the-job, engaging the online course as their schedule permits

Available Online Training Courses and Certification Exams

Cloud Awareness eLearning Course

A 4-hour, interactive, online learning experience, the Virtualization and Cloud Computing Awareness course is a self-paced e-learning course is ideal for those who require a basic understanding of the virtualization and cloud computing concepts in a time-efficient manner.
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Virtualization Essentials eLearning Course

The Virtualization Essentials Online course is a 10-hour, interactive, online learning experience that provides a balanced curriculum, addresses the business and technical perspectives of virtualization, and explains how to adopt, operate, and govern a virtualized computing environment.  
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Virtualization Essentials Certification Exam

The Virtualization Essentials Exam is an online English exam that will take one hour to complete. After passing the exam the candidate will receive a certificate from the Cloud Credential Council for the Virtualization-Ready Professional (VRP).
Click Here for Details

Cloud Essentials eLearning Course

The Cloud Essentials online training course takes 12 hours and it takes place online. The course as been developed by IBM, Cisco Systems, HP, EMC Corporation, Virtual Clarity, ING and the Cloud Credential Council.  The course provides a balanced curriculum, addresses the business and technical perspectives of cloud computing, and explains how to adopt, operate, and govern the cloud.
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Cloud Challenge Business Simulation

The Cloud Challenge business simulation is a 2 hour, online single-player game in which the players experience the business changes caused by cloud computing and virtualization.
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