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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

How is the new ITIL 2011 edition affecting the online courses?

On January 1 of 2012 the ITIL courses, and exams, reflect the 2011 updated content.

Can I pay for the course with a credit card - for example, American Express, Visa or Master Card?

Yes, we process payments through our secure PayPal credit card payment processing system, and all of these cards are of course honored.


What are the prerequisites to participate in the Virtualization Essentials, or CompTIA Cloud Essentials Exam?

There are no prerequisites, however we strongly encourage candidates to take the Virtualization Essentials or Cloud Essentials course (depending on the exam desired), in order to be adequately prepared.

What choices are there for exam proctoring?

The exam must be proctored by ITPreneurs registered proctor, or the exam can be taken at a Vue / Prometric testing center (in which case they will proctor the exam).  Please note that for ITIL online learners, the exam will be given online, and exam agency will assign a proctor who will proctor the exam for the student (see below for details).

I understand that the ITIL online exam proctoring process requires a web cam -is that true?  New

Yes, as of January 1, 2012, PeopleCert will be requiring that all ITIL online learners be equipped with a web cam in order to have their ITIL exam proctored.  Online ITIL Foundation learners will take an online exam, with the proctor provided by PeopleCert.  Note:  this *only* applies to ITIL exams, and only to individual learners.  The agency will provide the proctor, and the exam can be taken at ANY time - day or night.  The candidate can also take the exam from anywhere, so long as they provide an acceptable Internet connection, and a web cam for their workstation/PC.

Group exams will still continue to operate as they always have, whether paper or web-based.

How does a student request the online ITIL Foundation exam, after completing the online ITIL Foundation course?  New

For ITIL, this is very straightforward - once the student accesses a license, they have 90 days to complete the ITIL Foundation eLearning course. Once they are done, they simply contact Exams@itpreneurs.com for an ITIL Foundation exam voucher, providing their eLearning login ID as identification.

The same exact process is in place for the Virtualization Essentials course.  Once students complete this course, they contact Exams@itpreneurs.com for an Virtualization Essentials exam voucher, providing their eLearning login ID as identification.

For the Cloud Essentials exam, a similar process is in place.  Students completing this course should likewise contact Exams@itpreneurs.com for arrangements to take the Cloud Essentials exam.

Who provides help desk services for the exam, in the event of a question or problem?

When the exam is delivered by an ITPreneurs partner (such as the IT Learning Connection), ITPreneurs will deliver the help desk services to address any problem or question.

Are paper-based exams available for the Virtualization or Cloud courses?

No, and it is unlikely that they will be in the future.

Is the Cloud Essentials exam available in other languages?

Currently the exam is available only in English.  During 2012, the exam will be translated and become available in French, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese.

When can I expect to see the results from my exam?

Virtualization and Cloud Essentials answer sheets are processed by the examination providers for the exams.  For online exam, the results will be displayed immediately after the exam.

Training Courses

What is the duration of the on-line self-paced training courses?

Course duration varies, as they are designed to be self-paced, and you are allowed typically up to 90 days to complete the course work prior to taking the exam.  But here is a summary or the hours required on a few of the courses (please check the course catalog for more details on the course you are interested in)...

Cloud Essentials - 12 hour, self-paced
Virtualization Essentials - 10 hours, self-paced

Organizational Certification

How are the Cloud and Virtualization courses recognized and accredited?

Optimal Connections, LLC, the parent company of the IT Learning Connection, is an accredited training partner of both the Cloud Credential Council, as well as ITPreneurs - the content provider of the online courseware. 

What are the benefits of achieving the Cloud Essentials or Virtualization Essentials certification?

Achievement of an industry recognized certification that you have achieved competency in Virtualization or Cloud Essentials.

Solid, practical knowledge and skills in two areas of technology that are in high demand - virtualization, and cloud computing.

Competitive differentiation, which may lead to increased career opportunities and advancement.

How can I advertise my credential on my business card?

If you have passed the Cloud Essentials exam, you are encouraged to list "CompTIA Cloud Essentials Professional (CEP)" on your business card, resume, or other documents/media.  Candidates who have passed the Virtualization Foundation exam are encouraged to use the words "Virtualization Essentials Professional (VEP)".


How will candidates receive their certificates?

Exam certificates for successfully passing the Cloud Essentials exam will be provided by CompTIA.  The certificates will bear the logos of both CompTIA, as well as the CCC.

Other certificates are provided by ITPreneurs - please see the course and exam description page for more information, depending on he course desired.


Accredited Online ITIL Training Content - by ITpreneurs

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